Buy a fishing licence for River Simojoki

You can buy a “2581 Simojoki, Simo” fishing licence from Metsähallitus’ Eräluvat online shop, as a mobile licence on your mobile phone, or from the outlets in the area of the municipality of Simo, listed below.

Before starting fishing, make sure that you have also paid the state fisheries management fee!


Buy a licence and pay the fisheries management fee online in Metsähallitus’ Eräluvat online shop

In Metsähallitus’ Eräluvat online shop, you can buy a fishing licence and pay the state fisheries management fee at the same time.

Buy a fishing licence from the online shop
Pay the state fisheries management fee
Read about the state fisheries management fee and learn about payment options


Buy a mobile licence directly onto your mobile phone

Call one of the phone numbers below to receive a fishing licence as a text message on your phone easily and simply. Call the number for the type of licence you want and follow the instructions given. When asked for the number of the fishing area, tap in 2581. The price of the phone call and the licence fee will be added to your mobile phone bill.

You must be subscribed with a Finnish mobile phone operator to be able to do this. A prepaid subscription also works if the balance is sufficient for paying for the fishing licence. Number blocking must not be on.

More detailed instructions for buying a mobile licence.

Type of licence Number Price
One day 0600 55 1640 €15.02 + mobile call charge
One day, under 18-year-old 0600 55 1643 €7.51 + mobile call charge

Buy a fishing licence from an outlet in Simo

Simojoen Lohiranta
Ranuantie 219 B
95255 Alaniemi
Tel. +358 400 691 351 / +358 400 394 066

Café Helmin lounaskahvila
Ratatie 9
95200 Simo
Tel. +358 16 266 104