Fishing in River Simojoki is subject to licence

About 90% of the waters flowing in the Simo municipality’s area belong to the fishing licence area of2581 Simojoki, Simo”. In addition to this regional fishing licence, you should also make sure that you have paid the state fisheries management fee before going fishing. Before you start fishing, you are under an obligation to learn about the rules and regulations of fishing in Finland and to study a map that shows the permissible fishing area. When you buy a fishing licence, you commit yourself to the conditions of the licence.

Fishing licences are sold via the Metsähallitus’ Eräluvat system. When buying a licence, please make sure you are buying one specifically for the Simo area. A different fishing licence is needed for the section of the River Simojoki which is on the Ranua end of the river. Please also read about the licence conditions of obtaining and cancelling a fishing licence.


Having problems buying a fishing licence?

If you have any problems buying a fishing licence, please call the phone service number of Metsähallitus’ Eräluvat:

Metsähallitus’ Eräluvat
Phone service
Tel. +358 20 692 424
Open on weekdays 9:00–16:00

Types of fishing licence available and prices you see when you press Buy a fishing license -button.