Unique, unspoilt nature of the River Simojoki

Simojoki is the only river that flows inside the Finnish borders from start to finish and that has its own wild, naturally breeding salmon population.  The slightly over 170 km of riverside has plenty of fishing sites, both easy to reach and in the depths of the wilderness.

Simojoki is a great place to fish with your mates or your family. While your everyday worries sink into the flowing water, your mind concentrates on the coming catch.

Surrounded by traditional rural landscapes and vibrant wilderness

The lower and middle reaches of the River Simojoki offer numerous places for fishing in the middle of beautiful, traditional North Ostrobothnian rural landscapes. Here, gliding between magnificent surging rapids, is also where salmon come to spawn.

A record number of salmon was reached in 2016 when 5,000 individual salmon returned to their birth river to spawn. In addition to their impressive number, the salmon in the Simojoki are also extraordinarily large – according to catch statistics, their average weight is 7–8 kilos.

Relax and fish by the Simojoki, where you will be surrounded by unique and beautiful nature. The only things tense around here are fishing lines!